Posted by: crudbasher | September 12, 2009

Intro to the Storm Front thread

We live in momentous times. It seems like everyday our lives are shifting. These movements are sometimes subtle. We get a new cell phone that is amazingly more capable than the one we had just two years ago. Sometimes the movements are dramatic: A new Web 2.0 company explodes on the scene and changes the way we communicate overnight such as Twitter. Why are these changes happening? Will they continue? What is causing it? What are the likely effects and in what fields? These are all questions that are lurking in many people’s minds. Some are only distantly aware of them, but others are trying to find the answers. I fall into the latter category. For my purposes, I will focus on Education and try to answer some of those questions.

I have been a college teacher at Full Sail University for the last 12 years. During that time I have seen many changes in our school and in our students. I believe however, that was happened in the last decade will pale in comparison to what is about to happen in the next. Over the few weeks I will try to lay out a case for a revolution in Education that I believe will occur. The first signs of this revolution are just now appearing on the horizon. Like a powerful storm it sends out warning signs. I am going to point out the signs I have seen so far and try to extrapolate them into the future.


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