Posted by: crudbasher | January 25, 2010

Everything will be connected

Very cool video here about 4G networks.

The video shows all sorts of devices wirelessly connected to the net via 4G cell networks.

Those schools that block certain websites off their networks should pay attention.  Students won’t be relying on school networks much longer.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment.  Pick an object.  Now figure out what you could do if you could access it via the Internet.  That was what IPv6 was invented for.  An explosion of net connected devices.


  1. Great video! You are right, schools won’t be able to block things for much longer.
    Last year when we were living in Thailand the government blocked YouTube as someone had posted a video about the King. Within a day the students at our school had found a way round the country-wide ban and were watching YouTube again!

  2. This is a timely post, we recently had students accessing websites that the school had blocked via wireless devices (cell phones and iPods). Teachers questioned how they got to FB, YouTube etc. The students don’t think twice about it, they are used to on demand information and connection.

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