Posted by: crudbasher | January 25, 2010

Some tablet thoughts

Is Jobs looking to overhaul education with the tablet?

Ok so I want to get on record about the Apple Tablet, iSlate, iPad, Coolbox, etc…  I have been waiting for a good Internet Tablet device for over a decade.  I have kept track of various tablet devices over the years and have found them all wanting.  They have tried to keep the same windows/desktop/folder metaphor we have used since the Xerox Palo Alto days.  The iPhone did away with that and revolutionized the smart phone. Other companies are still fumbling around trying to outthink Apple.  Good luck with that.

The Apple Tablet is only possible because of several converging technologies.

  1. Accurate multi touch technology proven on the iPhone.
  2. Always on 3G (and soon 4G) Internet connections.  I want to use the Internet, not the device itself.
  3. Powerful, low cost, low power consumption computer components. (flat screens, cpus, flash memory)
  4. A distribution ecosystem for new applications/content. (the app store/ itunes)
  5. A large cult of Apple followers that would gladly sacrifice their first born child to get their hand on anything Steve Mobs, er Jobs wants to throw their way. (see Macbook Wheel )

The time is right.  I am not an Apple fanboi but I do appreciate a company that executes well.  This should be fun to watch!  After Wednesday I will post again about how this affects education. (It will)

Update: A good story here about the ecosystem of the tablet. #4 above


  1. It will affect education in some way or other. Everything that’s new and shiny is the “answer”. We should ask, “What need does this fill?” before going all gaga. Find technology that fits the need rather than bending education to fit the technology.

  2. Yes Thomas you are completely right. We should ask, does this help kids learn? If not, then it’s a distraction. Unfortunately it’s easier to measure how many computers are in the classroom than how much learning is happening with them right?

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