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Great Article about Online vs Traditional Education

  • Online education is more efficient

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    • Most online education today is poorly designed and implemented. It merely places a boring classroom lecture into an online video, changing a synchronous three-dimensional realtime experience into an asynchronous two-dimensional one. It does so without creativity and without harnessing the full power of online technologies. It does not begin to fully use the hyper-linked, multi-media, interactive, community sharing elements of the world-wide web. Still, even in these early primitive forms, current research shows that online education is already more effective than traditional face-to-face instruction!

    • Those who change and go with the times will prosper, those who do not will go the way of the newspapers.

    • This liberation from the constraints of place and schedule give online instruction a huge advantage over traditional instruction. It allows a community of teachers and students to converge together from all over the world to study a subject of common interest. There will still be some time constraints, but they will be in broader time frames, of entire days, weeks, or even months and years. A student can choose the best time to study. A teacher the best time to teach. Yes. The liberation of time and space applies to both students and teachers.

    • This freedom from the four walls of a classroom meeting at a particular time gives online learning its principal advantage.

    • As online instruction matures, the best and the brightest instructors will converge online to teach a course together. A new role of moderator instructor will then develop, one who introduces and weaves together the teaching of specialists to present a unified whole for that course.

    • Online instruction in the future will be more like a challenging video game and less like a public television show.

    • What I am saying is that the current bricks and mortar only systems cannot and should not continue. More than that, they will not continue. The forces of history, competition, and technological advances will compel change, whether we like it or not.

Great article by Ralph Losey.
Basically lays out the case as I have been trying to do on why Traditional Higher Education (on campus) will largely be surpassed by online education within the next 5-10 years.  I totally agree.  I also predict that the largest University in the world in 10 years, does not exist right now.

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  1. That large university may still exist, but if it is going to exist, it will have to look totally different! Have you seen any excellent examples of online learning that works? I am really interested in what this could look like k-8, but the model could be adapted from higher ed as well.

  2. What I meant was I am thinking a new online only university will arise that is not shacked by old conventions. That will be the largest university in the world in 10 years time.

    At Full Sail University (where I work) we have a very successful online Higher Ed program. I am taking a master program in Education Media and Design Technologies. It has been awesome! We are using our own LMS and Wimba for synchronous sessions.

    You know what might really adapt online for k-8? Home school kids. They can remotely take part in lessons from teachers around the world. That would be an excellent learning model I think. Of course not everyone can do that…

  3. My current Masters Program work through Central Michigan University is completely online. The orientation was online. It is a ed tech masters, so it makes sense, but many universities are moving in this direction. In Michigan, there is a push to require all high school students to take one on-line course bfore they graduate. Change is coming and we need to be ready for it.

  4. Pure online is a pendulum swing from pure face 2 face that doesn’t entirely make sense to me. I think our humanity will prefer a blend of the two. Time will tell but I think the best of face 2 face, perhaps where teachers as future guides, facilitators or consierges of learning help students set and reach their goals and online learning platforms are used to support learning activities, assessment, etc. Perhaps as tools like Second Life mature and online worlds become like the holodeck, this will change but I still think we ultimately want to be connected (physically) to mentors, experts, teachers part of the time.

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