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People who are making Edu20 a Reality | hj barraza

I had mused a few posts back about what education would be like outside the formal education sphere.  What can you do if you have nothing to lose?  Here are some examples.

When you look at these examples, you won’t see a school. What you will see is learning.


  • 4 examples of innovative online education

    tags: education, disruptive, peer2peer, technology, web2.0

    • 1. SuperCoolSchool
    • SCS enables anyone to create their personalized online school under five minutes. People can charge for classes or give them away for free. Classes are Realtime and social, also are recorded to be watched later.
    • 2. University of the People
    • UoPeople has enabled thousands of students to continue their professional studies with its innovative p2p approach to education.
    • it allows students that can’t afford a traditional university to receive education taking away the unnecessary aspects of an education system,
    • students worldwide enroll to a program, they only pay for subscription and for their test revisions. Thats it, no tuition fees, no extra books or hidden costs. Anyone in the world with a basic internet connection can get a degree for only 80 dollars a semester.
    • 3. MyMachine
    • belgium non for profit organization that brings back creativity into the class room (and which by the way Sir Ken Robinson will write the preface of their next book). In a nutshell, its a program for elementary and design schools that enables children to create their own “dream machine”:
    • a) Elementary students think of a machine that does anything they can imagine.
    • b) Design students take the design “briefing” and create a solution
    • c) Technical students build the machine.
    • 4. Design Week Monterrey – Challenge (CEDIM)
    • As part of a new concept called “Challenge”: in their yearly event, they invited companies to present their business problems to the community of students assisting to DWM, who during a design process of 4 days, created a solution for them and the opportunity to exchange their ideas with the guest speakers that hang around during the week to “coach” the process.

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  1. I am all over this, thanks…my afternoon is now devoted to checking all of these out in depth. 🙂

  2. I am really glad things like this are happening. I am getting more convinced that Education won’t really change unless the change comes from outside the traditional system. Thanks for commenting as always ktenkely!

  3. Very interesting. I think the more options there are available to people the better! More options will force educators to try to do the very best job they can in order to attract more people in the face of competition.

    • That’s a great point. I think one of the reasons the education system is slow to change is a lack of competition. Perhaps this will help things along?

      • I think it could. The way things are now it is very difficult for teachers to focus on anything that doesn’t help their students score higher on state exams (PSSA, HPST, etc.). If people start to look elsewhere for education opportunities, however, it might force change at higher government levels in order to keep kids in public schools. We’ll see!

  4. Of course the government just took over the student loan business so really they can now say who can go to school and where right?

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