Posted by: crudbasher | March 30, 2010

A Vision of Future Learning Management Systems

A project I did for class this month. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Very well stated! The current LMS system really bothers me, it is, as you said, just a virtual representation of the traditional model being played out in the classroom. Eportfolios seem like a great direction to go as a replacement.

  2. It seems that every time some system gets ported into the digital realm, they stick with the traditional structures. For example, the first web pages were really just word processing documents with hyperlinks. Now look at the web. It took several generations of content before people broke out of the old methods. Online Education will be like that too I think.

  3. More, more more! Look forward to next framing…! And am eager to see where this learner behavior appears first – workplace or in our personal lives (e.g. hobbies, personal development paths) I have strange feeling that the next breakthrough in observable (and viral) behavior might rise up from 7 year olds (around simple learning apps) or Aging Boomers who release importance of lifelong learning (esp around workplace) e..g I don’t know that it’s teens and college kids leading this new wave?!

    Re; Teachers. I think we are at a strange point in the conversation where many teachers have ‘come on board’ to many of the collaborative elements of the social web. The Twitterverse is slowly pulling in educators. But there is a danger that they will stop there.. and rest thinking ‘social’ is end game!

    When, as you point out the tools and new assumptions have not arrived and we still need to work them out!

    Some tech areas that I’ve been exploring more deeply as enabling elements to learner tools; NoSQL datastores (as web-scale solution), cloud-based voice/visual learning software, agent-based systems, workflow automation, situational awareness based simulations/scenarios, et al. It’s not any one enabler- but there is a strange cross over in many of these platforms that seems very learner oriented.

    ok, off my soapbox! Love your videocast and glad to have your work on the radar!! Looking forward to hearing more…

    Some posts I’ve written on evolution of learning systems:

    Garry G
    Brooklyn NY

  4. Hi Garry,

    Thanks so much for your comment on my work. I agree with you that the final solution (or more likely solutions) for education will be a blend of all kinds of technology, some of which hasn’t even been invented yet. I have started to go through your website. Good stuff man! My background is heavy into 3D graphics so if you need to bounce some ideas off me in that area, please feel free.

    Thanks for commenting and welcome to my Blogroll! 🙂

  5. This was a great presentation. I agree with you about the direction learning needs to go. These students are not going to work the assembly lines of yesterday, especially not in my home state of MI. Focusing on how the school can be a part of, instead the only part of, their overall learning environment is the key. Nice job!

    • Hi Nicholas, I spent my early childhood in Milford, near Flint so I remember Michigan. Welcome! I think you hit on something important, which is that kids are learning so much more than they used to outside of school. I don’t think schools are taking that into account. Would you agree?

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