Posted by: crudbasher | March 30, 2010

My Project Management Tips

Well it seems to be a slow news day today so let me drop some words of wisdom.  lol. I taught a class that made 3d graphics for video games.  Yeah it was a cool class. 🙂  The students worked in groups on a month long project.  After all that time and a thousand projects, here is what I learned about project management.

To do a successful project:

1.  Don’t ever get too attached to your work. (you will find it hard to finish things)

2. You are your own worst critic. (this is a good thing)

3. Don’t point out the flaws when you show your work. (most people won’t see them anyway)

4. 90% work looks like 100% work to everyone else. (it doesn’t have to be perfect)

5.  The first 80% of the project takes 50% of the time. So does the last 20%. Beware.

I hope these tips help people!


  1. So true! #5 gets me every time.
    I would love to take that class, sounds like a great one!

  2. Yeah #5 is learned the hard way usually by many sleepless nights!

  3. We are all on the same page about #5. That is the brutal reality for most om my project building. it’s nice to know others feel the same.

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