Posted by: Margaret Campbell | April 8, 2010

A time for every purpose under heaven…

Electronic devices are totally banned at our school because of “anti-social” behaviors and the lack of ability to control the “content” contained in the student personal devices. I lost it while I was on recess duty this week…when I finally asked the other staff on duty …who think this regulation is completely justified…”What is so ‘right’ about a student taking a book out to a corner of the property and so ‘wrong’ about a student listening to an iPod? They finally capitulated and agreed that, yes, both could be considered “anti-social.” But one teacher countered that they could be playing dirty songs and we wouldn’t know. Can you believe it? I asked him if he knew what the anti-social book reader was reading. I think many of us feel like Martin Luther King Jr. writing from the Birmingham Jail…there is a time for being nice and understanding and waiting…and then there is a time to stop being nice and waiting.



  1. Well, no one said the rules had to make sense, right? Good luck with pushing the envelope.

  2. I agree with you Margaret. Just consider that the current school system model is designed to create conformity, not individuality. Everyone does the same to the same standards. I’m not sure the current school model is going to be able to change. Too many people have a vested interest in the status quo. Keep fighting though!

  3. I had a very similar conversation with a colleague this week. Afraid of everything on the Internet and convinced that the only safe solution is to block and filter everything. I would much rather build strong character in my students than block them from everything and teach them to be sneaky and get around it. Good grief!

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