Posted by: crudbasher | April 26, 2010

Teacher Magazine: Teaching Secrets: How to Deliver Instruction That Sizzles

Really good set of tips for helping keep the students engaged in the classroom.  The article isn’t that long so give it a read!

  • Great tips for effective lectures

    tags: education, lecture

    • the secret to effective lesson planning and instructional delivery. I call it: “the student perspective factor”—a teacher’s awareness of her students’ state-of-mind, individually and collectively, throughout the lesson.
    • Effective lessons incorporate meaningful objectives, procedures and assessments, and weave in standards and expectations.
    • How to Put Your Awareness to Work
    • Overplan
    • Make the topic come alive
    • Get personal
    • Connect to real life
    • Active engagement
    • Keep your “withitness” level set on high
    • Specific feedback
    • As I plan lessons, my written objectives answer three questions: What will students be learning? What will they be doing? How will I know when I have taught it and they have learned it?

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  1. I ran across this article this week, there are some really helpful ideas and tips for quality teaching.

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