Posted by: crudbasher | June 14, 2010

A Different Take on Teacher Layoffs

I recently completed my Masters in Education Media Design & Technology.  It was an online degree and yet I got to know my classmates quite well. Most of them were teachers, and most were fairly young.  Several of them were let go from their positions over the course of the year despite taking a Master program about innovative ways to teach with technology.

The reason most of them were let go was because they were fairly new teachers, therefore the union seniority rules mean they were first out the door.  It doesn’t matter how good they were, it was more important to protect the teachers who were there longer (and getting paid more).

Now here is the problem I haven’t seen addressed anywhere else:

These newest teachers are probably the ones with better technology skills and newer ideas on how to reach kids with technology.

A system like that will always be purging new ideas out. I just don’t see it changing anytime soon.


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