Posted by: crudbasher | June 15, 2010

Technology Review: 3-D Without the Glasses

The current craze for 3d is I think a lot of hype.  The movie industry is searching for a gimmick to get people to pay 4 dollars more for a movie.

That being said 3d can add to an experience in certain circumstances.  The big problem right now is most of the current 3d methods require glasses to work.  I just don’t see this as practical for home use.  I can see in a few years all these 3d tvs with a box of broken glasses next to them. 🙂

Fortunately I think there are some better options just around the corner.  Here is an article about a new technology from Microsoft Research where they can do 3d without the glasses for 2 viewers at a time.  It’s pretty cool tech actually.

  • A way to get 3d effect without glasses.

    tags: technology, 3d, microsoft

    • a new type of lens developed by researchers in Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group could help make glasses-free 3-D displays more practical.
    • The new lens, which is thinner at the bottom than at the top, steers light to a viewer’s eyes by switching light-emitting diodes along its bottom edge on and off. Combined with a backlight, this makes it possible to show different images to different viewers, or to create a stereoscopic (3-D) effect by presenting different images to a person’s left and right eye.

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