Posted by: crudbasher | June 22, 2010

Apple collecting, sharing iPhone users’ precise locations | Technology | Los Angeles Times

See this is why I don’t want to get locked into the Apple ecosystem.  Apple and "partners" are collecting location data on it’s users.  if you couple this with their new exclusive ads platform called iAd, you have the makings of targeted advertising.  Imagine passing by a store checking your email on your iPhone.  Bing! You get an ad from the store.  Pretty soon they will also know who you are and will send you an ad saying "Hey John Smith, how do you like those pants you bought last week?  We have a sale for the next 10 minutes on a matching shirt".

Grrrr.  I like privacy, but I think it is a vanishing concept.

  • storing location data for ads

    tags: technology, location, geotagging, apple

    • Apple Inc. is now collecting the "precise," "real-time geographic location" of its users’ iPhones, iPads and computers.

    • In an updated version of its privacy policy, the company added a paragraph noting that once users agree, Apple and unspecified "partners and licensees" may collect and store user location data. 

    • When users attempt to download apps or media from the iTunes store, they are prompted to agree to the new terms and conditions. Until they agree, they cannot download anything through the store.

    • The company says the data is anonymous and does not personally identify users. Analysts have shown, however, that large, specific data sets can be used to identify people based on behavior patterns.

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  1. I hate to tell you this but absolutely everyone is collecting data on us all the time. Every time I shop at the grocery store they collect data on what I bought so that the next time I am in the store, I get 15 coupons for things I buy regularly.
    I’m not condoning data collection but I’m afraid that this is the world we live in now.

    • Oh I agree. I just fear one day it will go too far.

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