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Survey: Staff development is top ed-tech challenge | Personnel |

Here is another article talking about how staff training on IT issues is the number one challenge for chief technology officers.

Something I didn’t see mentioned much on the list is developing new pedagogy for using the new technology.  I don’t think that is the CTOs job.  Who’s job is it?

  • Training vs buying story

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    • Making sure staff members have the professional development they need to ensure effective 21st-century teaching and learning is the top challenge facing school district chief technology officers (CTOs), according to a survey that queried more than 50 Illinois school district CTOs.
    • After a focus group and much deliberation, nine key education-technology challenges emerged:
    • 1. Providing professional development to school district staff—including formal, scheduled staff development on the use of new technologies, as well as spur-of-the-moment requests for individual help.
    • 2. Meeting the growing number of expectations, including handling communications systems, data collection and processing, technology implementations, and requests for new projects.
    • 3. Developing skills to improve instruction and learning.
    • 4. Moving resistors to use technology (that is, encouraging educators who are reluctant users of technology to do so).
    • 5. Vendors changing or not understanding the technical issues involved in an education technology project.
    • 6. Building IT staff to match organizational requirements: CTOs need to build technical staffs with funds that cannot compete with the open market.
    • 7. Surprising software installations, support, and licensing: Frequently, school administrators purchase hardware or software without consulting the technology department.
    • 8. Lack of a professional approach by vendors: CTOs report that vendors sometimes use unprofessional methods to “skirt the districts’ established procurement processes.”
    • 9. Compliance with state and federal laws and associated policies, including internet filtering, teaching about online safety, and other mandates.

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  2. I think the problem lies in the kind of professional development being offered. It seems to me that the focus is on training for the actual tool, but rarely dips into the pedagogy of how to use the tool for learning.

    • You are exactly right. It’s a lot easier to teach the how, and much harder to come up with the why. That’s why at lot of this tech isn’t used at the various schools. I think in the next few years we will see a whole bunch more spending on technologies and no improvement in grades.

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