Posted by: crudbasher | June 28, 2010

Google Apps in Education

The Tech world is so interesting sometimes.  It’s like watching business warfare.  Sometimes you do things that don’t make you a bunch of money right now because it will pay off later.

Google is doing something like this right now.  Using their vast pool of resources, they are striking out against all of their competitors, like Apple and Microsoft.  This latest strike is against Microsoft, but using tactics from Apple.

Google, like Apple before them, has realized if you get people early, (in school) they will develop brand loyalties and preferences that they will carry into their adult lives.  Eventually these same students become business leaders and decision makers.  They are funding their Google Apps product and I would imagine they are not getting much direct revenue from it yet. However, they are building brand loyalty and hurting the Microsoft Office cash cow at the same time. It’s a twofer.

So why does this matter for teachers?  Simple.  How much will it cost Google to essentially buy a local school board?  Then the school board enters into a “partnership” with Google.  Suddenly, all the teachers are forced to use Google Apps.  I’m not saying this has happened, I’m not saying it hasn’t.  But it could.

  • Article about Google Apps in education

    tags: education, google, apps

    • Google has made it fairly clear that adoption of Google Apps at schools and colleges is vital to the growth of the productivity suite as a whole.
    • Today, Google is announcing that it has signed on two more states, Colorado and Iowa, to extend Google Apps for Education to the 3,000 schools across the two states.
    • And Google is also rolling out a tool set for for teachers and educators to transition to the cloud-based productivity suite.
    • The toolset is designed to offer a more self-service approach to adopting Google Apps, and includes in-depth resources on how to use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, as well as tests to certify proficiency in using the suite.
    • We know Google has significant ambitions for Apps as a revenue stream; statewide school deals will only help build out this channel and perhaps eat away at Microsoft’s market share.

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