Posted by: rebrand3d | June 28, 2010

Sites of the Week : Summer Fun

Hi All,

I’m back again and it’s as hot as blazes outside. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite sites that may help you cool off a bit and get your creative juices flowing again. (Like eating hunks of watermelon and earthy ripe tomatoes for dinner…knowing that your mom wouldn’t mind if you went back for seconds or thirds. I love summer.)

First on my list is the folks over at the ARTSHARKS blog site. Fun, creative, snippets of arty things with funny commentary. It’s a quick read and you might just learn something.

Be funky…no, really. Be Funky is a great site to upload photos and trick them out with text, filters, graphics and so forth. And it’s free. So you can put a yellow lightning bolt right in the middle of Fido’s head if you want…and then make THAT your Facebook profile pic.

I can’t believe my good fortune at finding the folks over at Postling. Talk about useful! Currently free, but who knows for how long so get in now. It’s a great dashboard for posting to multiple blogs and social media sites. I have so many that this makes things much easier to handle. It takes a few minutes to get setup, but well worth it. Now, with just a few clicks I can post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and my multiple blog sites. And I can assign accounts and rights to guest bloggers. The only down-side is that it’s only a desktop app right now. A mobile app, I’m told, is slated for the future. Until then it’s all about making your network work harder so you don’t have to. Go there. And take notes. They love user feedback, ideas, and suggestions! Be a part of the process.

If you’re like me, then you’ve got a few older iPods in drawers and on bookshelves collecting dust. Here’s one way to make your old iPod shuffle new again. Get one of these. It’s super handy for throwing in your beach bag. Bottle opener, keychain, iPod shuffle holder and ear-bud wrap all in one. And it’s on sale! Head over to Mophie and choose the Bevy in your corresponding color….your technology will thank you.

And lastly, you’ll need something to listen to right? The Mates of State just put out a great album of cover songs called Crushes and it’s perfect pool-side or sofa-surfing music. And at only $5 it’s a summer steal! But if you don’t trust my musical judgement you can always give it a listen for free on their site.

Stay cool,

P.S. If you’re near a Pinkberry, they’re serving up watermelon flavored goodness that’s not nearly as messy as the real thing.


  1. Postling looks really cool, thanks for posting this list!!

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