Posted by: crudbasher | June 29, 2010

Death of Interactive Whiteboards

I was wondering when this was going to happen.  The way Interactive Whiteboards work is quite old technology and quite expensive.  With camera tracking these days you can do it for much less cost.

Epson is first to do it with this new product.  I think the price is still much too high though.  You can tell they want to sell this to government schools. 🙂  Everything there is overpriced.

The price makes it too expensive to get on a large scale so this won’t be a disruptive technology yet.  The other big problem is it still uses the teacher as focal point learning model. Until that changes, there won’t be any revolution in education, just more efficient old styles.

  • Johnny Lee style tracking

    tags: education, technology, whiteboards

    • Epson has announced the IU-01 interactive module, which it describes as its first solution for bringing interactivity to any projector.
    • provides a solution for integrating interactive capabilities with any new or existing projector while eliminating the need to purchase and install dedicated interactive whiteboards
    • The IU-01 can be used on any existing whiteboard, wall, or other smooth, light-colored, hard surface.
    • available in October 2010 for an estimated street price of $600.

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