Posted by: crudbasher | July 9, 2010

ISTE 2010 :: Ian Jukes talks about the next 10 years of Education

Update: I was completely remiss in not crediting Lee Crockett as part of this presentation. The ISTE site doesn’t list him but it was a team effort. Thanks Lee! You can find more about this topic at The Committed Sardine.

This is the 201st post on this blog.  I am so happy I came across this video as it summarizes why I am writing!

I Looooooove this video!  I was not able to go to ISTE 10 last week so I have been watching videos of the presentations.

I was primarily motivated to start this blog because of Ray Kurzweil’s work on the Law of Accelerating Returns.  This talks about how when you introduce information technologies (computers) into any industry, it rapidly transforms that industry.  I think this is about the happen to Education.  I can see the change on the horizon, like a stormfront.  That’s what Education Stormfront is.

Ian Jukes gave a barn burner of a lecture at ISTE.  What he was talking about was exactly what I see coming, how computers are going to change all of society drastically and rapidly, including education. The video is a 55 minutes long but it is really quite important to watch.  The changes that will happen in the next 10 years in computers will be staggering. We need to start thinking now about how to deal with them.

If you have an hour this weekend, I highly recommend watching this video! It’s Awesome!

  • Wow!!! The Education Stormfront

    tags: education stormfront nell

    • Ian Jukes
    • Into Tomorrow: Looking at the Extreme Future
    • This is about the extreme future 10 to 20 years out. It’s not a crystal ball but an informed look ahead at the good, bad, and ugly.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words about the presentation Ian and I did at ISTE, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Congratulations on your 201 blog post. I know what an endeavour it is to build and maintain something like this and applaud you for your selfless work.

  2. Hi Lee, I am really honored you stopped by my humble blog and thanks for the kind words!

    I look around at Education today and see people trying to use technology to make a more efficient version of an obsolete system. I am trying to spread the word that we have to reevaluate everything, from schools, to teachers, to students because of this disruptive force heading for us.

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