Posted by: crudbasher | July 13, 2010

Technology Requires Flexible Educators

I think a lot of people are still not quite getting how fast technology is moving and how it is speeding up.  I came across this post from Derek’s Blog where he talks about this slide presentation by Morgan Stanley.

The gist of the presentation is the speed of adoption of mobile computer technology.  Like Derek, I was especially struck by slide 14.  They show how fast it took various devices to reach 1 million units sold.  The original iPod took over a year to sell a million; the iPad did it in 28 days.

Think about this.  If you are a K-12 teacher, there may be technologies that may be invented and widely sold during the course of a semester.  The kids will be showing up with this kind of stuff.  Some of it will even be disruptive technologies.  As a teacher, how cool would you be if you could embrace this new technology rather than ban it?

It’s a brave new world.  In fact you can say that each year…



  1. So funny how people have different reactions to the same material. I showed this to the head of tech at the school where I teach and her reaction was: “this is dangerous, we need more restrictions in place so that when it all comes along we have a process for dealing with it.” Her dealing with it is synonymous for keeping it out of the school. So frustrating to have those who should be helping us move forward and embrace the future, freak out and put the brakes on. I mean come on, what kind of technology geek doesn’t get excited about the possibilities?

    • If you don’t see any problems, then you won’t be open to possible solutions. Really the school system is working just as it was designed. It’s just that the design is wrong for today’s society. The big problem is, how do you change a 600+ Billion dollar a year industry with 4 million employees?

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