Posted by: crudbasher | July 15, 2010

School teaches with iPads | Herald Sun

This article talks about how a school in Australia is adding iPads and Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) to the classroom. I agree with half of where they are going.  iPads are a student-centric technology, so it is the future.  As cool as IWBs are, they are still mostly teacher-centric.  The teacher is not the center of the learning environment anymore. Or, at least they shouldn’t be. 🙂

I liked the end of the story where they talked about how the first class to use the IWB ended up training teachers on how to use them the following year. It’s a very healthy step to have the children get a stake in their education.  Bravo Australia!

Remember, these kids are going to be in college in about 10 years.  Are we still going to make them sit and listen? Technologies such as iPads are disruptive technologies. Faster please!

  • Interesting article about new tech. They have it half right. Ipads are a good step, IWB is not so good.

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    • CUTTING-edge technology from iPads to interactive whiteboards is revolutionising Victorian classrooms.
    • Bialik College in Hawthorn is leading the charge with the purchase of 24 iPads to be used by students from kindergarten to year 12.
    • the devices will be used for everything from interactive numeracy to harnessing Google Earth to study geography, music and art.
    • “This is about making learning fun, collaborative and imaginative,” Mr Gerassi said.
    • Mr Gerassi said rather than replacing traditional learning tools such as books, the college would explore ways of using such new technology in conjunction with the old methods.
    • The school’s head of curriculum, Marc Light, said the students themselves would play a major role in designing and developing their own applications as part of the process.
    • But Mr Huntley said no matter how clever the technological wizardry in the classroom, it was vital it used content relevant to the curriculum.
    • “You can have a lot of fancy pictures and videos, but if they’re not relevant to the subject matter, the kids won’t learn, they’ll just be entertained,” he said.

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  1. Cool! Similar to our set up if we can get the iPads going by first semester. Our school got IWB’s for every classroom last year. I agree, they are largely teacher centric. What I like about them, is they help teachers feel more comfortable with technology and help them to see that where they may be lacking, the students have no problem picking up the slack. I like to use IWB for class games where students are constantly taking turns at the board to interact with content. Also great for virtual field trips where students take turns acting as field guides 🙂

    • That’s a really good point about IWBs. I have not used them in the classroom yet so I bow to your experience! 🙂

      Perhaps IWBs are sort of a transition technology? I do like how it allows for better group interactions with the students. I still think IWB technology has been oversold for what it can actually do.

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