Posted by: crudbasher | July 20, 2010

Graph of the Higher Education Bubble

Oh wow.  This chart just blows me away.  I also read the comments in that article.  It still amazes me how some people refuse to even consider that things might change.  College tuition prices continue to rise much fast than inflation.  At some point people are going to stop enrolling!  Right now with easy credit, and high unemployment it is attractive to go to college. I mean it beats staying at home.

The past year has seen record enrollments in colleges.  I predict the next 2 years will see record dropouts especially if the jobs market picks back up. ( …but I don’t think it will any time soon)


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  1. Wow, they are going to inflate themselves right out of business. Especially when having a degree does not necessarily mean having a job. I see a storm front coming!

    • Heh I agree! Oh and you get bonus points for using “storm front” in your answer. 🙂

  2. It the higher education bubble burst along time ago. Some people were too zealous to notice, others asleep and many in denial. There have been many articles written in 2001, 2002 and 2003. These were about the glut of college degrees in the job market. As long as there were people willing to pay for higher education at a premium price. Universities kept the propaganda to collect tuitions. Politicians kept it going to make people fell that unemployment and wages were in their control. It also protected the politicians. If you are unemployed and have a low salary, don’t blame me. Go out and get and education. My economic policies have nothing to do with your economic instability.

    • You raise some interesting points George. You can’t talk about education without talking about politics. Education is basically a government program now isn’t it?

      I think that is a big reason why reform of the education system is so slow.

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