Posted by: crudbasher | July 22, 2010

iPad goes under the gauntlet at universities this fall

I still have my reservations about the iPad.  Still, I remain open to the results of these tests being conducted this fall.  It seems that in most of the universities listed below, they are offering iPads to replace textbooks.  In only one I can see they are offering a choice between iPad and Macbooks.  I would guess about 3 students will take them up on that deal!  In my opinion, a MacBook is better in almost all circumstances for school.

In a year we will have some actual research evidence for efficacy of iPads in education.  Then we can talk. 🙂

  • List of Universities testing iPads

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    • The iPad is about to have its academic chops put to the test this fall in a number of programs around the country. Colleges and universities are looking to adopt the iPad as a collaborative tool, a standardized mobile device to integrate into curriculums, and, in some cases, even a cost-saving device.
    • Oklahoma State University plans to begin a pilot iPad program this fall
    • The Illinois Institute of Technology has even more ambitious plans to integrate iPads into academics.
    • Students participating in the test at Darden School of Business, while loving the Kindle for personal reading, overwhelmingly felt the Kindle didn’t pass muster in its current state for academic use—about 4 out of 5 would not recommend a Kindle DX to incoming MBA students.
    • Seton Hill University’s “An iPad for Everyone” is part of the university’s Griffin Technology Advantage Program.
    • Students at George Fox University, which has given a MacBook to incoming freshman for several years, will now offer students a choice between a MacBook or an iPad.
    • North Carolina State University Libraries announced this past spring that it acquired 30 iPads to offer students and faculty for four-hour loans as part of the school’s Technology Lending Service.
    • Students in a master’s course in global health research at Duke University’s Global Health Institute will be given iPads to use for field work.
    • The University of Maryland will be giving 75 honors students enrolled in the Digital Cultures and Creativity “living and learning program” an iPad this fall.
    • Reed College will repeat an experiment that tested student preference of textbooks loaded on a Kindle versus traditional paper textbooks this fall, this time using iPads.

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  1. I would agree, given the choice between iPad and MacBook that my university is giving me, I’d choose the MacBook purely because it can do everything. I love the iPad as an additional device and an eReader but it just can’t do everything yet.

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