Posted by: crudbasher | July 27, 2010

10 Things I Didn’t Know 6 Months Ago

I’m home sick today from work so I’m going to do a simple post.  I have mentioned several times that having a PLN since January has pushed my thinking about Education and other things along much faster than I expected it to.  Therefore I want to list 10 things I know now I didn’t know in January.

  1. You can make good friends online without having met them in person.
  2. More information isn’t as useful as good information.
  3. Some people always have good things to say.  Follow them.
  4. Reputation is the currency of a PLN.
  5. The US public education system is not broken. It is just not what we need anymore.
  6. The ideal education system will be personalized to the learner.
  7. A personalized education system has these characteristics:
    1. It will be directed by the learner
    2. We won’t know what will be learned when we start
    3. It will be life long, but at the learners pace
  8. Introducing technology into the classroom without changing the pedagogy is worse than useless. It’s a distraction.
  9. Technology is going to be used to make schools more efficient.  That’s not what we need.
  10. You can’t measure the efficacy of an Education system by how much money you are spending. Money != Results.

There are more but 10 on a list is where people start to tune out. 😉

Now back to bed…



  1. I love this post. You should add a widget so people can share this easily.

    • Hey Ian, thanks for the suggestion, but I am on the site so I have a limited selection of widgets I can use. I’ll see if there is a way around that limitation.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Where are all the teachers who think this way? I only encounter people who think that the education system should not evolve and should not accept the innovations that will create this personalization. Introduce me.

    • Hi Douglas welcome! Well the way I met people like this was online with my Personal Learning Network. If you want to do this too, my advice is to start with this page. Once you get on Twitter, search for #edchat. That will get you turned into the main chat stream. Give it some time and just watch and listen for a few weeks. You’ll start to pick up how it all works. Feel free to email me for help or advice if you want! My address is Crudbasher on gmail.

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