Posted by: crudbasher | July 30, 2010

Rethinking Pedagogy Youtube Videos

One of the thing I am realizing more and more is that the most effective education is a personalized education.  One size does not fit all.

I came across these videos yesterday on Youtube. There is a school in Australia that is conducting a program with young children where they can choose their own direction for learning.  They created these three videos where they show what they do.  There are several really good parts in them, especially Vid 2 at about 3:00 and Vid 3 at 4:05.  They believe in engagement in learning.  Great inspiring videos!



  1. I absolutely agree with personalized learning…BUT, how is that scalable or affordable for an education system? Is it testing students while their young and splitting them into different groups / learning styles??? If you can figure that one out, you’ll be a friggin genius (and rich). Thoughts???

    • Oh you nailed the major problem here! Yes trying to scale it is a problem, unless you change other assumptions. Can you take our current model of 30 kids per room, for 7 hours a day with one teacher and do this? No. So what do you do? I have some thoughts on this and I may actually have an answer to all this. I can’t put it in this comment but I will be doing a series of posts pretty soon that I hope to make some suggestions.

      Thanks so much for commenting!!

  2. You should take a look at the IB’s primary years program. We have 6 trans-disciplinary unit a year (per class). The learning is concept based, focusing on a powerful ‘central idea’ and takes place through guided inquiry. This means teachers create provocations to excite students curiosity and they begin to wonder and ask questions. There’s usually some ‘front-loading’ by teachers and as students are exposed to the subject matter and concepts, they gradually decide what their personal inquiries will be about. Students pursue their own questions, related to the central idea, through the lens of the key concepts. Sometimes this takes the form of an individual or group ‘project’ but not always. It’s very engaging, meaningful learning, lots of higher order thinking and there’s often an ‘action’ component as a result.

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