Posted by: crudbasher | August 3, 2010

Connecting the Google dots

Several stories have come across the Internets the last few months that clicked together today for me.  They have to do with Google.

Google is always making a lot of moves.  They are sitting on a pile of cash and technology.  They have some of the best talent in the computer business and are very aggressive in creating new business opportinities.  It’s fascinating that they are not just standing still with their search business.

Anyway here are the dots I am connecting together and how it relates to education.

Dot 1. YouTube (aka google) is starting to fund original content.  Google’s money has been made on advertising.  This advertising model only words as long as there is content people want to see.  By funding their own content, they can create competition for the major content providers. (tv studios, movie studios, music lables etc…)  This gives them leverage.

Keep reading past the quotes here for Dot 2.

  • Youtube / Google is starting to fund original content

    tags: technology youtube

    • In a cautious move into the original content business, search titan Google announced that its YouTube property has created a $5 million fund to help finance more original videos. The company will invite up to 100 of its existing contributors to submit proposals to win a grant.
    • YouTube has attracted a growing list of individuals and small companies uploading original videos on a regular basis, typically taking the form of a video blog, a satirical news cast or a sketch comedy.
    • This latest move, though modest, further reveals Google’s ambition to bulk up its content offerings. YouTube recently announced a deal with the WWE to offer full-length programming on its site. Seeding more original content on the site also acts as a hedge against potential copyright violations, even though YouTube recently won a copyright-infringement suit brought by Viacom.

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Dot 2. Google is getting into bed with the government.  When the public school system finally runs out of money and goes to a blended learning model, they will need software to run the online portions.  Google is already there ready to do that.  They are also very politically active with the current administration, and public education is a political animal.

Keep reading past the quotage for the third Dot.

  • Google Government apps

    tags: technology google government

    • Google Inc. announced plans to sell special email, word-processing and other services to government agencies, keeping data generated by those applications in a system in the U.S. that is segregated from customers outside the government.
    • Google is marketing its suite of Google Apps for Government as a way for the public sector to save money by not paying upfront licensing fees or operational maintenance expenses, since Google can make fixes to the software anytime.

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Dot 3. Google Books.  Google is in the process of vacuuming up as much content as they can.  They think ( correctly ) that the more information they have, the more ways they have to using it.

There are other parts too I have found such as Google TV, and a Google LMS they did just for fun.

Overall this is setting them up to become an education provider powerhouse.  Education in the US is a trillion dollar market.  Apple, Microsoft and Google are all trying to get a piece.  Right now I would bet on Google in the long run.  They just have too many of the pieces that the others don’t have.

Things like this can change the face of education.  Does this resonate with anyone else like it does with me?


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