Posted by: crudbasher | August 4, 2010

Twitter Scientist Makes a School

I first mentioned this in my post What if School’s Don’t Change? In it I talked about how if the public school system can’t change to meet the needs of the 21st century student, then somebody else will do it.

Here is an example.  It’s costly and private, but the pedagogy is innovative.  Technology will make this cheaper in the future.


  • Creating your own school. Cool!

    tags: education twitter school

    • About two months ago, the chief scientist at Twitter decided he wanted his daughter to go to a school that encouraged her nightly desire to conduct science experiments on the kitchen counter, a fun place where art and math flourished in small classes.

    • He couldn’t find that school, so the scientist decided to create one.

    • With six other founding families, Chowdhury found a building, hired a head of school, brought in teachers and started looking for students to attend Alta Vista School, which opens Sept. 7.

    • Tuition is $18,000 for a year of kindergarten and $20,000 a year for all other grades.

    • Math, science and art will be an integral part of the school "every day in everything we do," said Head of School Ed Walters, who Chowdhury recruited from his daughter’s former school in the city, Marin Day Schools.

    • An "adventure coordinator" will incorporate curriculum into field trips across the city.

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  1. Expensive but I love the initiative to make it happen! Very neat, I look forward to reading more about the school.

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