Posted by: crudbasher | August 6, 2010

True 3D Holographic Display

Now this is pretty neat!  It seems to me that a display like this would be best in group situations.  You could make a museum with these devices.  I can image a table sized version of this in the classroom.

The future is rushing at us! Very cool tech!!

  • true 3d display

    tags: technology 3d holographic

    • Not needing glasses for 3-D is enough to blow the minds of most people. But take it to the next step — a 3-D display that isn’t flat and requires no glasses — and it becomes a prop from a sci-fi film.
    • While it’s smaller than a TV, that shape lets you stand anywhere in front of it and see a 3-D image, like a little holographic projection of Princess Leia. You can even reach into the display and turn the objects inside it to see them from all angles.
    • For now, the 3-D display seems like a lab experiment but Sony hopes that eventually it can be find a home in video games, museums and advertising.

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  2. Sweet, you could create all kinds of virtual 3-d environments for your students to explore…imagining learning about ecosystems, history, other cultures. This could be really cool!

    • Yes this has huge potential! It still looks a bit expensive but that will change over time. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Cool stuff! Check out this 3D TelePresence system from Musion:

    • Oooo I hadn’t seen that yet! Great link thanks very much!

  4. Really, it’s so amazing. The 3D Holographic Display is a diverse technology, which can be utilized in various fields such as design, entertainment, manufacturing, defense, security and construction. The enhanced technologies such as 3D image sensors and 3D displays providing high resolution visuals. You can get any other idea about holographic display from I follow it and I really impressed

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