Posted by: crudbasher | August 19, 2010

Add Multitouch to any Surface?

One of the reasons I started this site is I see many technologies on the horizon that will potentially drastically change the school experience.  Here is an example.

Getting students more engaged with learning is an important of any teacher.  Interactive White Boards are a partial step in that direction but really it would be useful to have the students be able to use them too.  This technology comes as a film you apply to any smooth surface. (it can be curved)  Then the surface becomes multitouch aware.  Couple this with some flexible display technology and you have a multitouch wallpaper display.  Think about your classroom.  Just look at all the wall space. Image those walls are huge high resolution displays.  Want to take your class on a virtual field trip?  Not only that but each student can go work on a piece of the wall and make art, or create posters.  There are many possibilities for this.

This kind of technology is just one of many potentially disruptive technologies we might be seeing in just a few years time.  Awesome!

  • multi touch surface you can add to other surfaces

    tags: technology multitouch film

    • Displax will be the one to really turn the touchpanel into a modern day commodity. The Portugal-based company is trumpeting a new polymer film that can be stuck onto or just under glass, plastic or wood in order to transform a vanilla surface into one that responds to touch and airflow.
    • Furthermore, the tech can be overlayed on curved panels, and it also plays nice with opaque and transparent surfaces.
    • In its current form, the solution can detect up to 16 touch points on a 50-inch screen, and if all goes well, the first Displax-enabled wares will start shipping this July.

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