Posted by: crudbasher | September 2, 2010

Display Technology Circa 2014?

Saw this great video on Gizmodo today.  It’s a video of how display technology could evolve in 2014.

How cool is that?  Imagine how that sort of technology will transform the classrooms.  Judging what we saw in the Apple demo yesterday, this sort of tech isn’t that hard to imagine.




  1. Very cool! I think you’re right, I don’t think we are that far away from some of these technologies, the last bit especially seems like it is already possible with the right app.

    • Hey Ktenkely haven’t seen you around for a little while. Welcome back! 🙂 Display technology and interfaces are areas of computers I think we will be seeing a lot of progress now. We finally have the computing horsepower to make some innovations.

      Thanks for commenting!

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