Posted by: crudbasher | September 22, 2010

Paper Thin Batteries

This is some interesting news!  There is now technology being developed to created batteries that are no thicker than a piece of paper.  Battery tech right now is a big limiting factor in mobile devices. That area will improve hugely in the next few years I am sure.

Couple better batteries with much lower power microscopic electonics and you have a device that is always on and woven into your clothes.  10 years away I think.

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  1. this can be a big innovation, I mean just think of you iPod never runs out of power…COOL

  2. I keep waiting for mobile devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad to be solar like a calculator. Thinking that in combination with paper thin batteries that could be really cool!

    • Solar would be very useful. I wonder if the power density of sunlight would suffice to power a device even with 100% efficiency solar cells. Don’t know.

      Thanks for commenting!!

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