Posted by: crudbasher | October 5, 2010

Only rich will go to university as funds crisis creates two-tier system | Mail Online


At first this article title sounds really bad.  In reality if you read the story, they are saying online rich students will be able to attend a 4 year university campus. Everyone else will have to take less expensive online classes using learning modules, from providers from around the world.

I don’t see the problem here.

  • Disrupting class because of costs

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    • The tradition of leaving home to study at university could become the preserve of the rich.

      University bosses warn that a growing funding crisis is likely to
      create two-tier higher education – with wealthy undergraduates at
      well-funded universities and other students pursuing part-time or
      online courses.

    • Professor Geoffrey Crossick, vice chancellor of the University of
      London and author of the report, said universities were struggling to
      cope with outdated funding models which are no longer ‘ financially
    • He claimed that the number of flexible courses such as
      on-the-job training, internet-based qualifications and part-time study,
      will ‘explode’ in the future
    • ‘Fundamental rethinking will be needed in a world where the
      proportion of those who experience higher education in the traditional
      fashion will decline, where the range of alternatives will explode, and
      where the variety of providers will grow with it,’ he said.

      The division may no longer be between those who get a higher
      education and those who don’t but between those who get a higher
      education in a comprehensive traditional university and those who
      access it through a myriad of providers in often small learning

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  1. I’m not seeing the problem either. The key is in the students, what do they want to learn? Do they have the tools and drive to learn it?

    • Yep, the sooner we move towards student driven learning, the better. The current economic problems are probably accelerating the movement.

      Thanks for commenting!!

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