Posted by: crudbasher | October 6, 2010

Is this the online high school model for the future?

Interesting experiment going on in San Francisco. The high school students go to the school, then take online classes while they are there.  There are teachers there to help people who get stuck.

Seems perfect to me.

One of the big problems with online education is you can’t do it when both parents work because you can’t leave the kids at home by themselves.  The other problem is you can’t easily get extra help if you need it.

I really like this idea!  Now here is the question: do you need less teachers to operate this?  If so, the unions will hate it and will kill the project.  We will see.

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  1. Great post. But what’s the purpose of the teacher?

    “They’re available to answer questions and help out with technical support.”

    Couldn’t most reasonably educated, technically astute adults do the same in their sunroom with kids from the neighborhood? (Which is not a bad model for education IMHO.)

    I suspect that the highly educated teachers in this program are providing 1:1 highly customized and targeted mini-lessons to help struggling students overcome any problems they encounter. If so, this may be a great model for education. If not, maybe we should move the class to the sunroom.

    Regards, Kent

    • Hey Kent thanks for stopping by!

      I agree a lot of this could be done by a parent. There are two possible advantages I can see with this model though:

      1. In a classroom setting it would be a bit easier to collaborate with classmates in projects.
      2. In many families, both parents work and count on school as a babysitter. We have to take this into account right?

      What it does mean though is the “teachers” won’t have to be as highly trained (or paid).

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I was really thinking of a neighborhood group… neighborhood kids meet at a house, cut down on commuting, etc.

    I certainly agree that a project approach with a lot of communicating and collaborating is a great model to follow. I wonder, however, if the online schools are doing much of that. Maybe not now, but you would note that there’s a storm front coming.

    Keep up the great posts.

  3. Interesting, I want to visit this school and see how the model works!

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