Posted by: crudbasher | October 7, 2010

In a Wave, Standing Still Isn’t an Option

Just a quick thought for today.

Brown University faculty just rejected a plan which would have made tenure harder to get.  While I am sure this is in their best interests in the short term they have to understand the magnitude of the changes coming their way.

As funding for everything becomes more and more difficult, it creates more and more pressure to find alternate ways to do things.  The more pressure, the more radical ideas become rational.  Desperation forces the mind to accept things it ordinarily wouldn’t.

No less than the (former) White House chief of staff said “Don’t get a crisis go to waste”.  What he meant was in times of crisis, you can get things done that ordinarily wouldn’t have been considered (eg. the Health Care Law).

Technology is providing alternatives to the well paid, tenured teacher in the classroom.  The administration will remember these “victories” of the faculty and this will affect their thinking down the road.

When a wave of change is coming, digging in your heels means you will be swamped.



  1. As in everything, focusing on the short term might be a faster, easier solution; but an honest look at the long term and the changes that are coming would serve them better.

    • It’s hard to think of a better summary! Thanks Ktenkely!

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