Posted by: crudbasher | October 8, 2010

How Would You Assess This?

Here’s a little challenge for all the Educators reading this:

First watch this


Wow. That was pretty amazing.  That is  Yeol Eum Son. She was 19 years old when she performed that in 2006.  Obviously she is very gifted.

So here’s the question:

What standardized test would you use to evaluate her?

You see, I think every child is born with gifts like Yeol’s.  Some children are lucky enough to be in an environment where that gift is recognized early and nurtured.  Sir Ken Robinson talks a lot about this in his TED talks.  We take children who are just starting to recognize their own gifts and creativity and then the school system does it’s best to get them to fit some kind of “standardized” mold. This is tragic. Just imagine how many other people are out there right now in some kind of dull job, knowing in their heart they are meant for something else.

The good news is that we are entering a golden age of learning.  A time where the Yeols of the world will be able to connect with people who will appreciate, encourage and foster their gifts.  It will be an explosion of personal expression, where everyone can  finally reach their full potential.  The resulting massive outburst of creativity will reshape the planet like nothing since the Renaissance.

You can already see the Storm Front on the horizon.



  1. To answer your opening question, I would say the NYS Regents exam is the test she would receive from me. Not by my choice however.
    You mention the time coming when connection with people who “…encourage and foster their gifts” will occur, do you see this happening in an education environment in the future? Can it exist in an education environment that is driven by core standards?
    I agree that we are entering the golden age of learning, I just get discouraged when it is not supported the way it should be and needs to be.
    Thanks for the personal challenge and thought provoking question.

    • I was careful during my post to not confuse Education with Learning. In my mind they are two different things. Formal Education has to deal with people as a group, therefore that leads to standardization. While we call this Education, in many cases there is not a lot of actual Learning going on. I don’t blame the teachers for this although that is the trend recently. As you noted teachers really have their hands tied by the system itself.

      I see alternatives to the formal school system arising and becoming widespread in the next few years. Homeschooling is one possibility for some although I know that isn’t an option for everyone. Still, I believe the forces moving this process along cannot be stopped, nor can they be controlled or directed.

      Thanks very much for your comment, it really contributed!

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  3. Exactly, how can creativity be standardized? It can’t, the two are opposed. The narrow way that we assess students gives a very narrow view of the individual. It is incomplete and short sighted. It is time to revamp!

    • That’s just it isn’t it? You can’t have standardization and creativity. I think the two are opposites.

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  5. My response is a post with a lot of links so it is best viewed on my blog Dr. John Strange’s Strange Thoughts

    • Heh cool reply John! I like using video to reply to students, it’s quick (if you know what you are doing) and works great for online learning. Thanks for your comment!!

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