Posted by: crudbasher | October 13, 2010

Much Faster Flash Ram

This is an interesting tech development.  Flash ram is what makes modern mobile devices (iPad, cell phones) work.  These devices are limited right now by the following:

1. Battery life
2. Memory speed
3. Processor Speed
4. Network Speed

#2 is now being addressed.  The article below talks about a new kind of flash memory that is 10,000 times faster than the existing memory.  This means that your device will be able to be turned on and practically instantly ready for use.  This tech will find its way into regular laptops too.  Imagine transferring a movie onto a USB stick in just a few seconds rather than minutes.

It’s not a sexy bit of news but it could dramatically change our tech in 3-4 years.  Awesome!

  • Game changer for Flash Ram

    tags: technology flash memory

    • Most mobile devices today use NAND flash memory. It’s fast! But ReRAM—a joint project of Sharp and Elipa—promises to be 10,000 times faster. And they say they can commercialize it by 2013.


    • tablets and phones that can download a full HD movie in a matter of seconds. But almost more importantly, practically zero power consumption when the device is in standby mode.


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  1. Cool! I have a feeling this is going to take hold and change things faster than we think!

  2. Yes only 3 years to market is pretty quick for this kind of tech.

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