Posted by: crudbasher | October 15, 2010

Awesome New Video of Sir Ken Robinson

Yesterday I talked about how “Waiting for Superman” won’t help us because no one person can change the education system.  I hope this was thought provoking.

I felt, however, that I could use some help making this case so yesterday I called up Sir Ken Robinson and asked him to work with RSA Animate to come up with a quick explanation of the problem.  He had some spare time and graciously agreed. This video is the result.  (Full disclosure: I am totally lying about how this came about heh heh)

The video is completely awesome and if I was trying to explain to someone why the current public education system is doomed, this is it.  The reason having a Superman won’t work is because he would be the manager of the factory. (see at 6:32)

Enjoy!! (ktenkely, the 25 seconds at 6:12 is for you!)



  1. Okay, now I feel like a celebrity….personal shout out as part of the blog post!!! Heck yeah 🙂
    We should be waking them up!

    I have been writing a blog post on this very video for 3 days now. I keep replaying it over and over because there is just so much that is good here. RSA sure knows how to bring a lecture to life. When they figure out how to turn this into software that can be used to illustrate any lecture they are going to make millions! Hopefully my blog post will come to fruition sometime this week…no promises though. Sir Ken Robinson = brilliant.
    As an aside, what is the equivalent for “Sir” for females…I want that added to my title!

    • The female equivalent is Dame. So you are Dame Kelly Tenkely. That has a nice ring to it! lol

      It is amazing to me how a video like that with the animation just captivate me so much more than just a video talking head. There are lessons to learn there…

      Thanks for commenting!!

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