Posted by: crudbasher | October 20, 2010

The Solution To Reforming Education

Did the title of this post get your attention?  If somebody in the US stood up and said they had the answer we would all listen right?

Not really. Here’s why.

Truth is, there are a lot of really smart, very well credentialed people who say they know how to reform education in the US.  They are invariably opposed by other people who are just as smart and well credentialed who think they have the answer instead. Instead of trying to work out who is right, they try to impose their will on the others by force of government.

Of course, this situation isn’t limited to the education realm.  With less than two weeks to go till a crucial election in the US, it’s the “crazy time”.  Politics is a bloodsport.  Some guys watch the NFL, I watch Fox News and MSNBC.  🙂

So here is my take on the whole education reform thing.

One of these 3 things has to be correct.

1. There is one right answer.

2.There are no right answers.

3. Some people have pieces to the answer but aren’t trying to put it together.

If I had to guess on this, I would think three is the most correct.

The reason the founders of the country set it up as a collection of states is because they didn’t believe that there was one answer for everyone.  Each state was given authority to do as it wanted to in many areas.  They functioned as little experiments, where the rest of the states could learn the lessons of others.  People would be free to move around and find the state that best fit them.

To some extent that is still true.  The problem here I think is when Washington DC gets involved in things that formerly belonged to the state.  Top down, centrally planned government has never worked as efficiently to create prosperity has the US model.

So, in conclusion, the solution to Education Reform is two fold.

Step 1, get the federal government out of education. Let each state go through the next 10 years and try to adapt to changing times.  We will end up with 50 versions of education systems and it will be clean then what works and what doesn’t.

Step 2, try to convince people you are right and be civil about it. Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are stupid.  People can become drunk with the massive power of the US government I’m afraid.  It’s just so easy to pass a law rather than try to persuade people to do something willingly but I don’t see that working for long.

Education reform is a very tough problem, but it can be solved by people working together.

As always, I invite your comments!



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  2. I would agree, I think #3 most accurately describes the problem. I also agree with your first two steps in education reform. So now, how do we start putting the pieces together? Let’s work on that!

    • Well they say talk is cheap. Especially on the Internet. I really don’t think meaningful changes can come from within the system. It has to come from the outside. Disruptive change will come as a thief in the night. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!!

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