Posted by: crudbasher | October 28, 2010

Those Who Win Hold Nothing Back

I was reading an article about a former designer for the New York Times who was talking about iPad Magazine Apps. Bottom line: He hates (most of) them.

Khoi Vinh says, they are “bloated [and] user-unfriendly” and because they are largely a result of a “tired pattern of mass-media brands trying vainly to establish beachheads on new platforms, without really understanding the platforms at all.”

The problem here is it’s very hard to disruptively innovate when you have a lot to lose.

There was a scifi movie about 13 years ago called Gattaca.  In this future world some people are genetically engineered.  In the story there are two brothers, one of whom is genetically engineered. He was better, stronger, and smarter.  When the boys are in their teens they have a swimming contest where they swim out into a lake to a raft and back again.  Each time they did the competition though, the weaker and supposedly inferior boy would win.  Toward the end of the film the weaker boy explains why he always won.  He says it was because he swam has hard as he could and didn’t save anything for the swim back.

When you hold nothing back and have nothing to lose, you can win.

So what does this have to do with Education?  Simple.  The current education establishment is incapable of self transformation and reform because it has too much to lose. They are looking at the education problem from the shape of how it currently exists.  They want to make a more efficient factory, where the true solution is to eliminate the factory. Obviously the factory management (school administration) doesn’t think this is such a great idea. That is why they will be taken by surprise when the transformation happens.

The revolution will not happen from the ones in power. It will happen with revolutionaries outside the system who hold nothing back.  Which one are you?



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