Posted by: crudbasher | October 29, 2010

Wireless HDMI Comes of Age


One technology I have been keeping my eyes on is Wireless HD.  In a typical classroom even if the students each have their own computer, they can’t display what is on their screens on the main classroom projector.  With this technology, this will be possible.  Right now you have to buy an external box to connect to the projector and laptop, but I think pretty quickly this will be built into those devices as a standard feature.

This will allow a lot more interaction in the classroom so I look at this as a near term disruptive technology.


There is a video of the technology in action at the link.

WHDI Kits Explored: Asus WiCast, brite-View HDelight – HotHardware


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  2. Haven’t heard of this technology, will be so neat when it is available!

    • Yeah it’s only right around the corner. Wireless video is now practical. Look for it big time next year.

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  4. […] Now put some education software on it and you can really go places!  If they would only throw wireless HD into the mix, you can then put the game up on the classroom […]

  5. […] practical way I think so I have been watching the technology. Back in 2010 I wrote a post called Wireless HDMI Comes of Age. Now, Google has just announced a little HDMI dongle called Chromecast that allows an Android based […]

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