Posted by: crudbasher | November 1, 2010

Angie McQuaig: How To Hyper-Personalize Education

I came across this really cool article that talks about personalized learning.  What I like about this is it has a good example of how personlized, online learning could work.  It seems really well thought out and I think this kind of technology is possible now.  Things like this will happen faster than people think but it won’t come from a government program.

  • Nice example of how personalized learning could work.

    tags: education futurist edubook

    • Websites, from shopping to social networking, have abandoned the one-size-fits all approach to shaping the user experience in favor of hyper-personalization.


    • Hyper-personalization engages us more deeply in our online experiences. If I rate more movies, then I’ll have more recommendations to choose from, we reason. The more data we feed the personalization engines, the more accurate they are in predicting what we want to see and do on our next visit.


    • Given the sophistication of hyper-personalization in so many other domains of our online lives — and increasing consumer expectation that our digital worlds be customized — it makes sense that education should harness this technology to differentiate and enhance learning.


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  1. Hyper personalization is on its way…now the question is: will education be ready for it?

    • It’s not something you can get ready for I don’t think. It’s like saying Cell Phones are on the way, is society ready for them. It was more of an evolutionary process.

      Thanks for commenting!!

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