Posted by: crudbasher | November 2, 2010

How the Election Relates to Education

This has been a crazy election season!  I for one am looking forward to actually being able to answer my phone again. 🙂  I do love election day however and was proud to vote today!

Many people in Education circles have been commenting on how if the Republicans take the House it will be disaster and all sorts of other noises.  I choose to look at the election from a wider view.

One of the things I have noticed is how many incumbents were eliminated in the primaries. Sometimes they were eliminated by people who didn’t have the backing of a national party either. What does this tell us?

The purpose of the political parties was to provide a way to structure and fund political campaigns.  These parties have local, state and national levels and function in a hierarchy.

So how did some of their chosen candidates get beaten by people who just had grassroots support?  It’s because you don’t need a national hierarchy anymore to do big things.  The Internet makes it possible for people around the country to connect up with anyone and pool their resources.  These social networks are ad-hoc, loosely organized and temporary.  They can come into being over night and they aren’t controlled very strongly.  This makes them a huge threat to incumbents because you can’t see them coming until it’s too late to respond.

How does this relate to education?  The purpose of the school system is to provide a way to structure and fund schools.  This system has local, state and national levels and functions in a hierarchy.  There are now alternatives being developed by ad-hoc networks of people online.  These alternatives are fleeting, rapidly evolving and decentralized.  They are hard to predict and respond to.  Not only that, but the sort of disruptive change they bring will not be controlled or planned from any central source.  Therefore it becomes it’s own force.

Over a billion dollars will be spent on this election which I believe will mark a turning point.  I think we will look back on this as the end of the two party exclusive system.  I don’t mean there will be many third parties, but there will be more control of the national parties from the local level. This is good for our country.



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