Posted by: crudbasher | November 16, 2010

A Glimpse of the Technology Storm Coming to Classrooms

Internet Adoption Rates

When a storm is approaching, you occasionally will hear thunder.  This graphic is a big blast of thunder.  It shows the adoption rates of the iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices, compared to other technologies for years past.  As I have stated on this blog before, not only is technology changing quickly, the rate of change is accelerating.  The day when all of your students show up to class with powerful smartphones in their pockets is quickly approaching.

What is significant about this is the iPhone is still locked into AT&T. It sounds like in January, Verizon get’s it’s shot at it.  They have the largest cell phone network in the country.  Estimates I have seen say that could be worth another 8 million iPhones next year.

The rest of the article linked below is also worth reading.

  • Smart phone adoption images. Mobile isn’t going away

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    • Every year at the Web 2.0 Summit, Mary Meeker gives a ten-minute slideshow packed with great data showing the monetum and direction of different Internet trends. This year, a big focus of her presentation was on mobile. Specifically, she put up the slide above showing a Morgan Stanley estimate that global smartphone shipments will eclipse PC shipments in 2012, with more than 400 million smartphones expected to be shipped that year, compared to less than 200 million last year.
    • If you look at only Apple iOS devices (the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), they have ramped up faster than any other technology, including AOL and Netscape in the early days or NTT Docomo’s imode mobile Web phones a decade ago.

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  1. Not only the rate of change but the rate of adoption! As tech gets cheaper I expect this line to be nearly vertical.

    • Yeah that does seem to be the trend. Technology is accelerating so fast! I read today about an experimental microchip design from Intel with 40 cores. Today’s chips have about 8 max. They said the experimental design could be scaled to 1000 cores! That’s just crazy.

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