Posted by: crudbasher | November 23, 2010

An E-Reader on a Piece of Paper

The nice thing about a piece of paper is you can fold it up (you can also wrap fish in it).  Right now most E-Readers have a plastic screen with the display attached to it.

Researchers have discovered that you can use ordinary paper and attach a display to it.  According to the article it works just as well.  They say in 3-5 years we might be able to use real Digital Paper, where we can fold it up. They might even be so cheap it becomes disposable.  (Hmm how about displays built into the cardboard boxes we buy food in?

Obviously this would have large implications for Education.  If display technology really does get this cheap, then you really would be able to wallpaper the classroom with wall sized displays.  Then your classroom becomes a CAVE.

  • 3-5 years out maybe

    tags: technology ebook epaper

    • A disposable e-reader could be on the cards, following the discovery that paper makes just as good a host material as glass.
    • Future devices could be rolled up and shoved in a pocket, and could feel like paper while delivering books, news and even high-resolution color video in bright-light conditions.

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  1. Amazing!

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