Posted by: crudbasher | November 29, 2010

edReformer: The Shadow Education System

Technically I’m on vacation today and tomorrow but this was too cool to pass up.

My friend Doug Crets on edReformer posted a great article about disruptive education startups especially in relation to my post on Friday.

Check it out!

  • Great lists of people who are creating disruptive technology for education

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    • Entrepreneurs are working very hard to build education systems outside of the formal higher ed and public ed systems. One day, they will merge with the increasingly archaic structures of public ed, but for now, they will remain outside.


    • If we truly live in a knowledge economy, then it will be our social value online that measures our ability to rise first to a challenge, be the first to be relied upon to fix the problem, and it will have less to do with our degree, than with how we treated someone in our day to day life.


    • I sat next to GOOD Magazine editor Amanda Fairbanks at this morning’s SoHo “The Feast” event. It was about the nexus of education system improvement and education-themed technologies.


    • “This may sound counter-intuitive,” said Rosen, but she thought that there was too much money flowing into education.


    • Then Michael Karnjanaprakorn announced the startup of his company, The point here is that you can learn anything from anyone. Why? Karnjanaprakorn believes that “we have to debunk the myth that we need a college degree to be successful.”


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  1. Very cool! Can’t wait to see some of these come out of the woodwork and take education by storm.

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