Posted by: crudbasher | December 1, 2010

News Corp. buys education technology company – Yahoo! News

I’m back from Vacation and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I had seen this story last week but didn’t blog on it yet.  It’s a short article, and can be easily missed.  I think it has huge implications.

One of the posts I am most proud of over the last 11 months is one titled What if Schools Don’t Change? In it I wrote this:

It is said that “Nature Abhors a Vaccuum.” If schools don’t change then somebody else will fill that void. In the 20th century the big names in Education were Harvard, Oxford, and University of Iowa. Is it possible in 10 years the big names in Education will be Google, Apple and Walmart? Yes Walmart. They are the barbarians at the gate right now.

Add the News Corp to that list.  Yes the parent company of Fox News has begun to invest in education companies.  We spend over a trillion dollars in this country on education at all levels. Information technology has now made it possible to scale the way education is delivered.  I think many more companies will be getting into this field. So where does this leave public education?

I see public education in 20 years like the post office is today.  They both have a mandate to deliver services to everyone in the US.  Even so, other private companies have arisen (FedEx, UPS) to compete with the government. 

Thus, public education won’t go away, but it will be only one player in a vibrant education field.

Am I missing something? As always, I invite comments!

  • Moves in the private school system.

    tags: education technology online

    • News Corp. said that it had agreed to acquire 90 percent of education technology company Wireless Generation for 360 million dollars in cash.

    • Education of children aged five through 18 is a "500-billion-dollar sector in the US alone that is waiting desperately to be transformed by big breakthroughs that extend the reach of great teaching," he said in a statement.

    • News Corp. said it provides mobile and Web software, data systems and professional services that enable teachers to use data to assess student progress and deliver individualized instruction.

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