Posted by: crudbasher | December 1, 2010

Seth’s Blog: The one who isn’t easily replaced

Seth Godin had a great post a few days ago.  He is talking about how the Internet has changed a great many business models.  I think his posting could definately be applied to Education too.

It’s a quick read so I invite you to check it out, and ponder if it can be applied to Education.

Any thoughts?


  • This can apply to education

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    • The law of the internet is simple: either you do something I can’t do myself (or get from someone else), or I pay you less than you’d like.

    • when someone comes to a successful musician and says, "we’ll take 90% and you do all the work," they’re opening the door to an uncomfortable conversation. The label has no assets, just desire. That’s great, but that’s exactly what the musician has, and giving up so much pie (and control over his destiny) hardly seems like a fair trade.

    • Multiply this by a thousand industries and a billion freelancers and you come to one inescapable conclusion: be better, be different or be cheaper. And the last is no fun.

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  1. I think this could be tied to education, but it’s a matter of capacity. I’m thinking of teachers…either do what you do best and want to do it, or leave it for someone who wants to do it. The “doing” referring to teaching our children.

  2. When I read this on Seth’s blog it had me thinking of higher education. Why would I pay for a graduate degree that is prepackaged when I can now control my own learning so completely? Why would I put all that work in for such little return on my investment?

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