Posted by: crudbasher | December 8, 2010

Great Video from Learning Without Frontiers

I just came across a really good series of videos from a group called Learning Without Frontiers. In this video they talk about when adding technology to education the focus must be on new ways to teach and revised pedagogy, not just the technology itself.

“It’s very natural for governments to focus on things that are easy to measure; access to technology is one of the simplest.  However, that approach risks moving from a ‘one size fits all’ model of education, to a ‘one size fits all plus technology’ model of education.”

– Lord David Puttnam

Yes yes yes and again yes!  Echos of Ken Robinson here. This video below is about 25 minutes long and is a compilation of the best parts of their videos in the Youtube channel.  I found it time well spent.



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  2. I completely agree with this reservation. Technology is a tool that can help SCALE a proven approach. It cannot be the approach itself. I mentioned Ken Robinson in my own post yesterday:, and emphasized the importance of understanding how education is analyzed and what goals it should focus on. I hope you read it.

    • Hi Vinay, thanks for commenting! I agree with you and I did read your linked post too. You are completely right that technology can help scale a learning technique. It helps learning take place anywhere, anytime. I think that is what will allow more progress in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Awesome. Yeah a lot of exciting things are on the verge of happening. It is just a matter of making sure they are applied appropriately.

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