Posted by: crudbasher | December 16, 2010

Pearson Starts Offering It’s Own Accredited Degrees

I have said this before, there is way too much money in education to leave it up to the schools…  For better or worse, other companies are now starting to get involved.  Actually like most things there will be good and bad that comes from this.

  • Pearson gets some accredited degrees of its own.

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    • Publishing giant Pearson has announced details of its plans to offer degrees in a range of vocational subjects from 2012.
    • Rod Bristow, president of Pearson UK, confirmed that the company was already in discussions with universities to accredit the degrees, while working with the government and the Quality Assurance Agency to secure its own degree-awarding powers.
    • On 14 December, the company announced that it will pilot four degrees in business, engineering, IT and health and social care next year.
    • A wider range of courses, including law, nursing and tourism, will be rolled out for new students by September 2012.

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  1. Well…we all knew this was coming. Pearson is already offering trainings for online instructors, developing packaged online courses for schools to buy- they already have the tools, they are now going to sell the product themselves.

    There is a need, and we have to fill it. I’m just not sold that this is the way. (DIY U)

    • I suppose it makes sense. In the short run it will get more online content out there and it will help break down cultural barriers to other players getting into education.

      We will see the effect in the long term…
      Good to see you again Leah thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Will education systems eventually become subsidiaries of media empires?

    In truth, education is already economically tied to textbook publishers. Getting out from under all the textbook purchase commitments and the publishers’ curriculum stranglehold have been barriers to the use of Open Education Resources in the classroom and needed updates to learning content.

    The publishing information empire is making a very smart move to protect their turf…and that is understandable.

    Getting the “stamp of approval” from accrediting bodies and aligning with universities are very smart moves to take even more turf…moves that are… oh so understandable.

    The “accreditation business” is basically a money-making venture, just like the “degree-granting business” and the “textbook business” and the “education business.” They should all be in bed together…that makes sense, right?

    Something is rotten in Denmark.

    What does this mean for “free” access to educational content on the web? Will only “authorized” content be acceptable at an institution?

    What does this mean for open educational resources, example: and for curriculum design and decision-making about what to teach in our schools?

    • The big problem I would have with all of this is if the cost curve doesn’t change. For example, I am having a problem trying to buy eBooks because they are 9.99 on Amazon. They shouldn’t cost more than a paperback!! The price doesn’t seem to be justified.

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