Posted by: crudbasher | December 21, 2010

Heartland Robotics targets a $5000 robot that is an alternative to low wage workers

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Ok so this is why customized education so critically important.

This company is trying to create a robot that can be trained to perform menial tasks.  It would then be able to replace low wage workers.

This might seem to be something that is a long way off but what if it is only 10 years?  How about even 15?  When this happens (and I am convinced it will) it will take an entire section of our society and put them out of work.  This leads me to several conclusions:

1. High School was designed to mass produce low wage workers.  That will have to change.

2. Learning will have to be life long, not just ending after college.

3. There will be a huge need for educating “non traditional” students.  They will be trying to learn a new skill after a number of years at low wage jobs.  It will be very difficult to group train them as each will have different requirements.  This will drive personalized learning like crazy.

4. These low wage workers will require low cost training methods.  They won’t be paying 40k per year for a college degree.

This type of story might seem to be unrelated to education but as you can see it could have a large impact in only a decade of two. (maybe earlier)

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