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BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology

This is a really good story to start off the year.  Here is a school with insight.  Last year there was an #edchat conversation about how to get smart phones for all the students.  I wrote a blog post afterwards where I postulated that every kid would have a smart phone pretty soon anyway and would bring them to class.  Here is a Superintendent who thinks that time is pretty close now.

Smart phone technology is progressing at a really fast pace. There is all kinds of competition right now and the technology behind it is ripe for progress.  If you think about it because cell phone contracts are 2 years long, the phone makers have to make sure they are making significant progress every year so people will have something to upgrade to.

I think we will see a lot more of this this year.  Another little note in this article is that school is experimenting with not giving a textbook and just using web resources.  It keeps up to date and is much, much cheaper.

In 2011, don’t look for the big progress in education to happen in Washington DC, look for it in your local school with teachers and administrators willing to give things a chance.

  • Good story about home technology coming to school

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    • Whether texting, watching videos, playing video games or reading books, kids derive quite a bit of entertainment from the latest technology. However it’s the contention of Saline Area Schools Superintendent Scot Graden that these electronic devices potentially could be used for more than entertainment. He said the school district has begun discussions on how to harness the multifaceted nature of these electronic tools for the benefit of the educational process.


    • Graden said the school district often has a hard time keeping up with technological innovations given the cost is so great to implement hardware updates across the school system every time an advancement takes place. That’s why he finds it appealing students might be able to bring their own devices one day into the classroom.


    • Up until now, the school district has provided standardized electronic equipment such as laptop computers on a limited basis for class projects by way of carts teachers can check out to implement a program that requires them. However, these resources are limited given the high associated cost.


    • It was this fact that was at least partially responsible for prompting school district officials to consider allowing outside electronics in the school, Graden said.


    • “It’s fraught with a lot of issues, including safety and security issues,” he said


    • Many issues are also logistical, Graden said, such as providing a wireless network substantial enough to facilitate so many users at once.


    • “The students get excited about these devices,” he said, citing many classroom scenarios that he has witnessed in which the students’ engagement in electronic lesson plans is thorough. “I don’t want to call it miraculous, but that’s what it’s like.”


    • Currently, Graden said there is a group of teachers asking to design a U.S. Government class utilizing only free resources on the Internet, which will negate the costly texts and ensure course content is always current.


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  2. Hey All , As a teacher do we all have to follow the student demographic to evolve ?

    John M

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