Posted by: crudbasher | January 11, 2011

Augmented Reality Apps Improve

Rather than try to predict what technology will happen this year I like to think about things from the prospective of what someone in 2020 would look back on.

I think that one of the biggest changes in our society in the next 10 years will be with Augmented Reality.  Various pieces of this puzzle are being solved but it hasn’t been put together yet in it’s purest form.  That will take another 5-7 years.

For now we can just watch how the pieces are evolving. One AR app is called Google Goggles.  It allows you to point your smartphone camera at any object and the software will try to figure out what you are looking at.  It has just been updated with a few new trick that point the way to how this can be useful for education.

The new features allow you to scan ads and barcodes to get more information or you can point it at a Sudoku and it will solve it for you on screen.

This relates to the blog post from yesterday about AI agents.  Once we have glasses or contacts with displays in them, we will come to rely on a processing layer that automatically does things like this for us.  Here are some examples:

1. When you are approaching a bus stop, the time until the next bus will arrive will be displayed in space over the bus stop.

2. When you are shopping, you will be able to look at a product and the system will instantly show you competitors prices elsewhere.

3. In education, a child will be able to look at any object and as that universal question “WHY?” and will get a learning module to discover the answer.  This ability to seamlessly interact with the physical and virtual world will become a huge part of learning.

Memorization will become something of the past.  The AR system and AI agent will act as an “extended mind” allowing the brain to spend more time on concepts and free thinking.  A child raised from birth with this kind of technology will have a different way of using computers.  Even their brain will change and wire itself differently.

I don’t think this is a question of if, it’s a question of when.  I also don’t think it will take too long. 15 years sounds like a long time but technology-wise that is a blink of an eye.

Oh by the way, this new tech from Google? One of your students might have it… now. Buckle up.

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